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Zeolite Powder

Volcanic Products

Zeolite Powder



Improve Fertilizer Efficiency

Promote the nutrient-retention capacity of the soils, slowing the release for uptake by crops.

Improve physio-chemical properties

Improve cation-exchange capacity of soils and promoting microbial metabolic activity.

Increase Nutrient Uptake

Increase N, P, and K uptake and their use efficiency in roots, leaves, and stems.

Immobilize Heavy Metals

Permanently bind (+) ions; sequester pollutants such as heavy metals: Cd, Pb, Cr, Zn, Cu,



Fertilizer and source of nutritional elements:

zeolite serves as a valuable fertilizer and source of essential nutritional elements for plants. Its composition includes a group of fertilizer elements, including those crucial for plant development.

Nutrient retention
and slow release

Improved soil structure
and porosity

Enhanced plant growth
and yield

Increase soil water capacity:

Zeolite’s water-absorption ability boosts soil water retention by absorbing excess water and gradually supplying it to plants. This adaptive quality is beneficial for plant growth, enabling them to thrive in various conditions. By maintaining a steady moisture level, zeolite reduces dryness, fostering optimal plant development and alleviating water stress.

Encourage root system growth:

Zeolite’s unique properties benefit plant development in nurseries. By raising the root zone temperature and improving soil conditions, it enhances the rooting process, encourages root system growth, and supports early plant production. Zeolite proves to be a versatile and effective solution for optimizing critical stages of plant development in nursery settings.

Improve storage conditions:

Zeolite’s moisture-absorbing and deodorizing properties enhance fruit and crop storage. By absorbing excess moisture and neutralizing harmful elements, zeolite prolongs storage periods and preserves the freshness and quality of stored produce. This application is essential for maintaining the shelf life, flavor, and nutritional content of fruits and crops.

Enriching and improving soil quality:

Zeolite’s unique capacity to retain essential elements such as potassium and nitrogen prevents their loss from the soil, ensuring that plants can access these nutrients as needed. This property enhances the overall fertility and nutrient content of the soil, promoting healthier plant growth.


Beyond the improved Zeolite use efficiency, other benefits from Chabazite Zeolite can include.


Advanced growth stages.


Early plant establishment with in-furrow use.


Consistent availability of nutrients throughout the growing season, particularly at critical growth stages.


Better ability for plants to withstand stressors including drought stress.

Benefits of zeolite in plant production: improvement and sustainability

  • Improving soil structure by increasing porosity and reducing soil compaction. It increases soil aeration and water penetration.
  • Reducing soil erosion by increasing soil stability and reducing surface runoff. It works to reclaim areas with poor soil.
  • It expels salinity from the soil (around the plant roots) and equalizes the pH.
  • Effective in removing heavy metals and toxins from soil. Enhances beneficial microbial activity in the soil.
  • Improving soil structure contributes to the development of healthy and strong root growth.
  • Increase soil aeration.
  • Providing important nutrients for growth in the root area.
  • It increases the water retention capacity of the soil, thus preventing water stress and increasing the efficiency of irrigation water.
  • Increase production in quantity and quality.
  • Enhances the concentration of active substances in fruits such as olive fruits and organic acids in citrus fruits.
  • Reduces dependence on the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, leading to safe and healthy products.
  • Improves the taste of fruits and increases their shelf life after harvest.
  • Achieving excellent and healthy plant growth.
  • Maximizing biological effectiveness and germination capacity by promoting vegetative growth.
  • Increasing the efficiency of fertilizer use by increasing plant absorption of nutrients.
  • Increasing plant resistance against biotic and abiotic stresses. Ideal for use in organic farming.

Zeolite mechanism in soil

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