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Volcanic Soil

Volcanic Soil



Watad Agro Company owns the largest Quarry in the Middle East for zeolite, pozzolana and red tuff, with a total area of more than one million square meters, The Quarry is located in Al Safawi – Jordan.

This Quarry is known for the huge quantities and the high quality of the products, it is equipped with all the required production lines for mining, crushing and grinding while considering all occupational safety requirements



 Our production and packaging facility has been designed to ensure the highest quality with the ability to satisfy each and every customer need.

 Our skilled workers specialize in utilizing volcanic soil to create exceptional products.
With their expertise, they harness the unique properties of volcanic soil to craft high-quality goods that stand out in the market.


  • The capacity of production: Exceeds 2000 ton per day.
  • Buster Coir: Raw material preparation for the mixture.
  • Stage of mixture: combine raw materials for packaging


Materials are packed on wooden pallets to be ready for shipping as per the following alternatives:

  • 2, 5 and 10 Kg bags.
  • 25 liter slabs.
  • Jumbo Bag: packaging of large weights from 1 ton to 1.5 tons.
  • Bulk packaging.
  • As per client request.

Quality Assurance - Quality Control:

Our laboratory serves as the beating
heart of innovation and quality
assurance. Staffed with dedicated
experts, our state-of-the-art facility is
equipped with cutting-edge technology
to conduct rigorous testing and analysis
at every stage of production.



WATAD Agro Research and Development Center serves as a dynamic hub for innovation and advancement in the field of agricultural solutions using volcanic stones. At the heart of our mission is the relentless pursuit of creating cutting-edge products and refining existing ones to optimize plant growth and enhance agricultural productivity.
Our dedicated team of researchers collaborates on a range of experiments, applying the latest technologies and methodologies to develop novel products.




Raw Materials

Volcanoes and Volcanic Stones

Volcanic tuff is mined from natural resources.

They are the product of explosive volcanism thousands of years ago during ejection and deposition on land and around the crater.

The ash is totally or partly lithified into a solid stone. After a long time, it formed Zeolitic tuff/Pozzolana.





Coco Peat


Organic Volcanic Soil

Volcanoes and Volcanic Stones

WATAD Volcanic Soil to produce a wide range of growing media for advanced soilless culture systems, nursery supplier, roof garden, and landscape.

Our soil has been developed based on the results of our researches in addition to researches from national universities, national research centers, international peer reviewed articles, and farmer needs.

These soil was built using special blends of zeolitic tuff, zeolite, and other organic and inorganic materials.

Deep review of worldwide substrates guided us to produce pioneer products that are adapted for all kinds of advanced agricultural techniques

Our products are:

  • Free of pests, diseases, and weeds.
  • Retain a balanced percentage of water and air in their particles.
  • Efficient use of chemical and organic fertilizers because they include
    zeolitic tuff, which has a high cation exchange capacity

 In addition, a wide range of substrates are available for the production of vegetables and cut flowers in bedding and hydroponic system. Moreover, we have specialized lightweight sub strate mixtures for the roof garden. All products are valid to use for organic agriculture

 We have a wide range of specialized substrate mixtures to match the

plant’s needs and production conditions.

These products are:



Roses & Woody Cut Flowers

Annual Plants

Perennial Plants

Plant Propagation

Roof Garden

Landscape And Lawns

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